5 Golden Rules of Knowing What your Customer Wants

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One of the most important and the first of the first thing in a business is to understand what your Customer wants. While sometimes extracting that information can be easy, more often than not its a very tricky ask. This post tries to help you get some pointers on how to go about finding what your customer really wants from you.

5 Golden Rules of What a Customer Wants

1.Place Yourself in your Customer’s Position

Try looking at your customer from a different perspective — one that helps you gain insights into their intricate network of vendors, suppliers, as well as their target audience. Besides deepening your understanding about your customer’s work, it also helps you anticipate and plan the support you can provide to them.

2. Empathize with your Customers

It is important to look beyond your initial, core business transactions and focus on building a rapport with your customer – an activity that will go a long way in growing your business. Observe, analyze, and evaluate key customer experiences and pain points. Use this insight to improve your interaction and gain repeat business.

3. Introduce Diversity in your Client facing Team

Give your client servicing team a boost by supplementing it with experienced seniors from other departments. This will send a strong message that you value getting to know your customers and delivering superior work.

4. Go Beyond

It’s not always all about work. Think of your customers when you organize workshops and seminars, and include them in the same. Leverage these opportunities to understand their mindset and help align your objectives with theirs

5. Envision the Future First

It’s always good to be up to date with the prevailing trends in the market. You can then anticipate how you can help  your customer gain from emerging markets and mine financial opportunities. It will also help you plan your resources and time and lead, support them confidently.

It’s finally all about the extra mile you are willing to go to strengthen the relationship with your customer. While it is easy to get blindsided, the key is to envision, anticipate, and lead — and the ‘happy’ customer is yours for keeps!

Remember that sometimes you need to get out of your own way to really understand your customers. Psychologists know, for example, that you’re likely to listen for problems that fit your own offerings, and to discount others. That can cause you to miss important opportunities or get blindsided later.

So, try to listen with a third ear, as an anthropologist would, to what your customers are saying to you. If you can truly listen to them, they’ll tell you all you need to know. Are you listening?

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101st OCC Bangalore Meet Picture 4 1390708_715573935139327_953382031_n 101st OCC Bangalore Meet Picture2 101st OCC Bangalore Meet Picture1


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