OCC Bangalore Community Posting Policy

Guiding Policy

  • Be polite. At OCC Bangalore, we are very particular about the language and intent. We ask that you keep your language clean and polite.

  • Be Understanding and Patient. You may be a power user, but the person you’re talking to on the other end may be a complete newbie. Be patient, and provide all details possible if you’re posting about a problem (descriptive thread title always helps).

  • Be a Pro. Don’t get into arguments over dumb things. If someone responds in a poor or rude fashion, ignore it. If you notice a pattern of rude or poor behavior from a particular member, report them to moderators. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. In a nutshell, ‘think before you post’.

  • Be Attentive and Helpful. Answer questions in a timely manner when you can, and provide thoughts and suggestions that might lead to the solution of a members’ problem.

  • Do not post Complaints about our Moderators. Every day, OCC Bangalore moderators read through hundreds of threads and posts, and all moderator decisions are final. We trust that any action that a moderator takes will follow the above rules and guidelines. Please send a personal email to a Moderator if you have questions about any moderator action.

  • Job Postings are not allowed directly on the forum. You can post a job on thestartupjob.com and post a link of the same to the community. This helps us from preventing repetition, spam and provides a greater value by structuring available job posts.
  • Commercial Campaigns / Promotions are only allowed on a case-by-case basis. If you have a offering you would like to let the other members know about, do consult the moderators once on the possibility of it getting approved. Only those promotions which have a community benefit are approved. Members of OCC Bangalore Solution Centre are allowed promotion emails as per the plan.

General OCC Bangalore Community Etiquettes

In addition to the guideline policy above, following are some general etiquettes you should keep in mind when participating at OCC Bangalore. If you find yourself doing any of the following, STOP. If you find someone else that is violating these practices, please report them to our moderation team.

  •  Backseat Modding is not seen in good light – refers to ordinary members taking a moderator-like tone in criticizing other members. Do not do this. If you feel a post or thread requires moderation, please send a note to the moderation team.
  • Make Relevant & Meaningful Posts – Do your best at all times to make relevant, meaningful and helpful posts in our communities.
  • Use Proper Grammar & Spelling – Tiping lyk thz iz n0t kewl. NEITHER IS THIS.
  • Search Before Posting – Often times questions and/or topics have already been discussed in an existing thread. Before posting a new thread, please try the search feature to research your question.
  • Telling someone to “Search” – Do not reply to a question by telling someone to do a search. Kindly suggest a search link, answer their question, or feel free not to respond. In short, be Polite.
  • Keep it Legal – Moderators and admins reserve the right to close threads and ban members that post copyrighted and/or illegal materials / present material as their own research. These kinds of activities can get us into trouble, and nobody wants that… so just don’t do it. If you have questions on this, ask a moderator.


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