Special Discount for OCC Members (NPC2013)

OCC Bangalore Members get 500 rs discount

NASSCOM Product Conclave is here and like every other year OCC Bangalore is an important ecosystem partner for the event. As part of our partnership with NPC, OCC Bangalore members can avail a discount of INR 500 by using the coupon code ESPOCCNPC0025.

OCC Members, follow these steps

1.Please visit http://productconclave.nasscom.in/register/ and click on ‘Register Now’ button

2. Enter your discount code (ESPOCCNPC0025) at ‘Got a Discount Code’ field

3. If you are a start-up select the Startup rate and quantity of tickets you want to purchase.

4. If you are non-start up, Select your membership category (Non Member) and Quantity.

Register for NASSCOM Product Conclave 2013

Use Coupon Code ESPOCCNPC0025 during Registration